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Designed for startups seeking funding or businesses needing budget allocation, our service combines meticulous requirement gathering, strategic software architecture, interactive UX/UI prototyping, and detailed cost analysis. Kickstart your journey with an investor-ready package that brings your vision to life.
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Reduction in Development Time
Prototyping can help reduce development time significantly. By discovering and resolving issues in the early stages, less time is spent making adjustments during the later development stages.
Increase in Investor Engagement
A well-developed prototype can increase investor engagement by up to 50%. A tangible representation of your product helps investors better understand your vision and its potential profitability.
Higher User Experience Scores
Including real user validation in the prototyping process can improve user experience scores. By gathering and incorporating user feedback, you ensure your product aligns with user needs and expectations.

Prototype. Validate. Innovate.

Save big by spotting the essentials early.

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Get it right from the beginning

Our detailed cost breakdown for software development aids in effective budget planning and adds credibility when presenting to potential investors.
Requirements Gathering
We engage closely with you to understand your unique business needs, audience, and selling points.
Software Architecture Planning
We design a robust, scalable, and maintainable software structure to ensure your product's long-term success.
Interactive UX/UI Prototype Creation
Our team crafts an interactive, visually appealing prototype that emulates the final product's look and behavior.
Real User Validation
We gather real user feedback on the prototype, validating its usability and appeal, and adjust designs based on this feedback for optimal user experience.
Cost Analysis
Our detailed cost breakdown for software development aids in effective budget planning and adds credibility when presenting to potential investors.
"Choosing AppsGem's funding prototype was a timesaver. Not only did we accelerate our timeline, but the quality of work surpassed all expectations. A genuine game-changer for us!"
Christy Myers
Anahatta Fashion
"Working with AppsGem was such a breeze! They handed over this meticulously detailed roadmap, and the entire process was just so smooth. Really felt I was in good hands with their team."
Jon Whitmore
"Putting our prototype in front of real users was a revelation. It helped us pinpoint changes early, sparing us significant time and expense. A proactive strategy that made all the difference!"
Jevonne George
Active Mill

Investor-Ready Package

Our funding prototype service provides a comprehensive package that demonstrates your concept's viability and market potential to investors.

Accurate Budget Planning

With a detailed cost analysis, you can set accurate budgets and present a more reliable return on investment to your stakeholders.

Working Prototype

A tangible, interactive prototype is a powerful tool for communicating your vision and strategy as well as validating the idea with future users.

Reduced Risk

By addressing technical and design issues upfront, we help reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with software development projects.

Obtain a concrete roadmap from industry specialists

Expert software architects, seasoned product managers, and experienced UX/UI designers will unite, crafting a comprehensive proposal for you. This will encompass precise engineering designs, intuitive interface layouts, and an accurate budget projection, ensuring a holistic and future-ready solution.
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